Transform Customer Support With AI: A New Level of Industry Standards

11 Jun 2024

Throughout today's ever-expanding universe of emergent businesses, customer support has become the most crucial differentiator for companies attempting to make their mark in their respective industries. Customer expectations are likely to keep rising, meaning that organizations will continue to turn to avant-garde technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Businesses use AI to enhance their support operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences, and entrepreneur and engineering enthusiast Mukul Garg is at the front of this revolution. Effectively, his work leverages his expertise to set new industry standards and drive customer success.

Mukul’s journey in the world of customer support started more than 16 years ago when he boarded a mission to tether the worlds of tech and the customer experience. His passion for safeguarding the ability of technology to serve user needs and his desire to see strong customer focus within organizations have been the compelling forces behind his career. Currently serving as the head of support engineering for PubNub, Mukul has proven himself as an experienced business leader with a verified track record of leading customer-focused, high-performing organizations. He is also a mentor on the topic of understanding the role of support engineers on the career development platform Meander. His broad cross-functional experience spans customer success, support, go-to-market (GTM), revenue operations, and software engineering, allowing him to excel in a variety of global environments.

One of Mukul’s early accomplishments was being invited to judge Stanford hackathons because of his expertise and dedicated thought leadership. Following this, he has been on the panel of judges for other awards, including the Globee Awards for Customer Excellence and the Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair. Furthermore, his invitation to join the Forbes Tech Council further amplifies his reputation as a unique problem-solver with a deeply insightful understanding of the customer journey. He has also written an innovation feature for the publication. Throughout his career, Mukul has faced and overcome an abundance of challenges. One of the most prevalent obstacles has been navigating the complexities of leading high-performing, cross-functional teams. However, his ability to build and nurture collaboration between assorted skill sets and still ensure alignment with a shared vision has been exceptionally instrumental in overcoming challenges.

When asked about his future aspirations, Mukul expressed his desire to take on a leadership role within a customer-facing organization, ideally as a Chief Customer Officer (CCO). He envisions utilizing his technical background to span the chasm between engineering and customer needs or empowering teams to drive success. In terms of his personal PR goals, he is focused on sharing his message with the latest trends in the industry, particularly the advancement of global support and using AI customer support and experience. His core message revolves around setting new industry standards and up-leveling support using AI, shining a light on the transformative impact of novel technologies on customer success.

Despite all of the above-mentioned attributes, Mukul’s multifaceted journey exemplifies the genuine power of true innovation and reforming customer support at its roots. As a leader, his passion, expertise, and dedication are inspirations in a complex, fast-moving industry, setting an unprecedented standard for customer support. As businesses evolve, Mukul is showing us that it’s time to embrace AI and leverage technology to enhance customer experiences, propelling success forward. His visionary approach not only reshapes current practices but also paves the way for future advancements in service excellence.