Unpacking the Power of Data-Driven Weekly Predictions in Web3

9 May 2024

By Karim Chaib, founder of Web3Intelligence and Dopamine

I’m excited to share with you the transformative potential of our Weekly Predictions tool in the realm of cryptocurrency investment. In the dynamic world of DeFi, understanding the market and each coin is not just important; it’s essential. The space is constantly evolving and fluctuating at a rapid pace. Individuals who are not crypto-native often feel the barrier to entry in a space that many have deemed speculative and unpredictable. A recent survey shows that even with the many inroads in the decentralized finance and cryptocurrency space, a significant amount of users are still unsatisfied with the convenience of application use and access to one’s wallet. At my firm, we are striving to break down these barriers by building extremely powerful, one-stop platforms for users to learn, invest, and track the performance of cryptocurrency in real time. One of our innovative projects is Dopamine, and our Weekly Predictions tool is bringing investment in cryptocurrency up-to-speed, arguably surpassing today’s traditional finance (tradfi) banking sector.

At its core, Weekly Predictions is a tool that analyzes vast amounts of data - both readily available and proprietary. By combining blockchain analytics with social sentiment analysis, Predictions offers a holistic view of the market landscape, providing the user with accurate and actionable information. In a 2024 survey, 75% of respondents who own crypto use it as an investment tool and do not “own crypto to make secure payments, to buy NFTs, or because they think it will replace currencies.” Considering this overwhelming investment-centric attitude, the people who are bearish around crypto have been avoiding the space because of the lack of regulation and security and/or the feeling of not knowing how to buy it and what to do with it. Dopamine and its regulation and date-heavy framework create an environment where users can feel comfortable enough to educate themselves and feel confident in the process of buying, owning, and investing.

We gather data from transaction volumes, historical price movements, and on-chain activities of various cryptocurrencies. This data is then combined with AI modeling that takes into account internal user interactions, external web3 engagement, and data from external web2 social platforms. This creates a truly comprehensive view of the market sentiment and landscape. This multipoint data-driven approach allows users to make more informed decisions about when to buy, sell, or hold their crypto assets. You may think it is akin to having your own personal quant in an app, and you would be wrong; the Predictions are designed to approach the crypto market while wearing the hat of a traditional financial advisor.

While the Weekly Predictions report and content only refresh weekly, the platform keeps up with real-time changes and movement, similar to any tradfi day trader. However, unlike these tradfi platforms, Dopamine is pulling back the curtain on users’ assets through the ease of use and readability of the platform, simplifying it for even the most novice users.

We’re also highly dedicated to educating our users and enthusiasts about the most important concepts in trading crypto. Our interface has been streamlined and simplified to create a pleasurable and intuitive user experience that encourages experimentation and exploration. However, while fun and exploration are vital aspects of the platform, Dopamine–and $DOPE, the token used to unlock the Weekly Predictions feature–seek to avoid the actual gamification and pump-and-dump ethos that has come to burden the crypto community.

Each report highlights a selection of coins for the week that have measurable data for users to engage with. Unlike generalized crypto news reports, the content offers discussion around each coin, with associative analysis that is tailored to current holdings in one’s wallet.

In summary, the Weekly Predictions tool is a testament to the potential of data-driven insights in the crypto market, empowering retail investors to make informed decisions with democratized access to crypto trading, and it ultimately contributes to the growth and maturity of the crypto market overall. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newcomer to crypto, the tool is a valuable asset in your trading kit. Through leveraging the power of blockchain data, advanced algorithms, and AI, we’re able to provide users with key insights into market trends and sentiment, helping them make more informed investment decisions and ultimately making the engagement with cryptocurrency more intuitive, enjoyable, and safe.

About Karim Chaib

Karim Chaib, founder of Web3intelligence.com and the architect behind the groundbreaking super app Dopamine, is a serial entrepreneur and a pivotal figure in shaping ETF and digital asset infrastructure components of major banks such as UBS, BBVA, Sygnum, and world leader core banking system Avaloq. His expertise extends to pioneering the integration of open banking and artificial intelligence technologies in collaboration with IBM. Under Karim's leadership, Web3intelligence.com has emerged as a premier web3 platform, offering an intuitive app that not only caters to everyday consumers but also engages children through gamified learning of seed phrases. The platform also powers Dopamine.tv, and their innovative $DOPE token serves as a licensing model, setting a global standard in AML and driving web3 innovation across various businesses. Karim's notable contributions include leading teams of world-renowned cryptographers, such as Gennaro, Goldfeder, Paillier, Goubin, and DEFI guru Andre Cronje, further cementing his status as a visionary in the field.

About Dopamine

The ultimate crypto wealth management tool, blending AI and compliance infrastructure with superApp capabilities, was deployed primarily on Solana before expanding to a multichain ecosystem. Dopamine gives you the power to manage all your wallets and all your centralized and decentralized exchanges with the latest AI and compliance advancement. You can connect your banks and participate in launchpads, RWA, and much more. Dopamine token is license token for the app but also for banks and exchanges to access all the API and source code that is built by web3intelligence.com